3D Modelling

The modelling and analysis software used by highly skilled CAD experts at Accreate Labs include Catia V5 suite, Solidworks, Materialise and Fusion 360. These software are best in class in specific industry segments and form the basis for our design services. The experts in our design team are drawn from Aerospace & Defense, Engineering, Healthcare to name a few segments.

Rapid Prototyping

All industries are faced with a need to accelerate product development and its production. It is also now commonplace that larger teams are involved in the process of prototyping. In this scenario, the usefulness of having visual mockups, early stage prototypes and ability to do multiple prototypes before finalising the production version is seen as a ‘Good Industry Practice’.

Accreate Labs offers end to end System Engineering services to help clients do rapid prototyping. We use state of the art design Software suited for collaborative virtual design teams, a wide range of 3D printers covering both Plastics, Polymers and metal. We could enhance design number of times and iteratively printing the part till the design team finalises production specifications. At this stage we could 3D print a Master or representative component for reference in Mass Production.

Reverse Engineering

There are many times when clients have single components or spares with limited or no ability to reproduce them in small quantities economically. It might also happen that overseas suppliers have declined to provide additional parts and permit a client to make it themselves. We could help in these cases and recreate the complex geometry to components, sub assemblies by using highly accurate Industry grade 3D scanners.

Accreate Labs could further optimise the design, incorporate strengthening features, improve surface finish and consider enhancing other potential engineering aspects. These would then be 3D printed in Metal, Plastic or Polymers in small quantities so to secure the future maintenance of the machine.

Post Processing

There is an extremely strong opportunity to enhance properties of components by intelligent use of post processing machines. We have chosen to invest heavily in post processing of 3D Printed materials. Our range of services in post processing include Burring, Electroplating, Dying, Chemical treatment for stronger surface characteristics, polishing and sand blasting. We will continue to add the latest equipment to help our clients get the best finishing for their engineering parts.