Anatomical Models

Healthcare industry is delicately poised where a new modality is emerging for patient care. For long radiology has been the mainstay for investigations and surgical procedure planning. Accreate Labs is proud to be associated with this initiative of segmenting Radiology with 3D printed anatomical models based on 1:1 patient records. We use phenomenal opportunity in applying patient anatomical models in collaboration with doctors in the areas of cancer care(including Liver, Kidney, Neuro, colon, ..), Neurosurgical procedures and Orthopedic as examples.


Human implants have improved patient life quality for sure. However, given the diversity of each patient’s situation implants have caused some problems as well. Advances in 3D Printing and 3D printable material sciences have addressed problems such as loose hip joints and lose of bone tissue due to implants. On the broader topic of 3D Printed medical devices and surgical aids, the accruing benefits are redefining medical care industry. These devices offer considerable improvements and many time bring in considerable cost saving, which is an important factor in a country like India where health care has to reach the larger Indian population.


Prosthetics have brought a smile back on amputees and helped them regain their life. But a closer look might reveal that there are rejection issues and joint fitment problem in growing children. Weight of the conventional prosthetic arm and limited functionality of prosthetic hand have been as issue some patients have been struggling with..

Accreate Labs is well on the way in pioneering Next Gen 3D Printed nimble prosthetic arm which will solve many of the problems some patients face. The 3D printed arms would be lighter in weight, possess ability to grasp, hold and release objects with greater effectiveness. We are confident that our research in this area along with some highly valuable industry partners would lead to creation of new intellectual property while serving patients from all walks of life.

Patient-specific Services

There is no doubt that maximum innovations are happening in 3D design and print enabled services globally. Research work from reputed institutions globally have showcased outcomes such as 3D printed skin for use in skin cancer and burn victims, printing of single function tissues, cartilage, cardiac cells and even more variety of tissues using stem cells. Bio-ink is a combination of living cells and printable substrata which are then used to make hard and soft body parts.

At Accreate Labs, we use a special software which recreates 3D models of patients body using radiology reports such as scans(MRI, PET, CT, Ultra sound). After 3D models have been created, considerable post processing is undertaken to create a visually explicit 3D model of the area of interest, which is then 3D printed using transparent and a wide range of realistic colours. These would go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of surgery, reducing operation complexity and time and lastly aid quicker patient recovery.