Design and Engineering Services

Aerospace industry is an industry with demanding needs and has been the epitome of perfection. Such perfection needs precision, products that operate in freezing outer space and searing hot engine fires during launch. Defense industry covers high performance military aircrafts which have smaller batch sizes, more customization and demanding production schedules. 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing offers never before capabilities and solves problems which are hard to solve in conventional manufacturing. These problems can be solved by Designing for 3D printing while maintaining the form factor, providing desired characteristics such as higher strength, superior weight to performance ratio and faster design to production time.

At Accreate Labs, we become your dedicated Applied Research Lab, experimenting with a range of cutting edge 3D Printable raw materials, develop customized print characteristics for optimal capabilities of the printed component, assembly or tool. We use Catia V5/3D experience suite of design platforms for Aerospace Defense client designs. It is common for us to use aerospace grade material such as Ultem 9085 on an Aerospace proven printer such as Stratasys 450 MC and further improve material characteristics using a wide range of world class post processing machines.

It could happen that there are defense hardware(aircrafts, Naval systems, artillery) in service without technology transfer or design drawings. A stage could arise where spares and supplies are very hard to get. Our reverse engineering services, can scan the part, generating highly accurate 3 Dimensional geometry, using which the model is generated. From this, improvement work can be taken up if required and subsequently production grade components can be printed.

End-use Components

There are innumerable examples of 3D Printed components under production or some have been already productionised. Fuel nozzles for jet engines, engine combustor lining, rocket injector, satellite components, outer space rovers, turbopump components..

Jigs and Fixtures

3D Printed production tools have improved precision in production work and saved production time considerably. There are Aerospace related case studies where clients have claimed unprecedented savings in production schedule, higher accuracy of production work by using 3D printed Fixtures and production tools.

At Accreate Labs, we are there for you to engage with you in picking up those hard to solve problems, which can be resolved through design enhancements and 3D printing.