Accreate Labs

Accreate Additive Labs Private Limited(also known as Accreate Labs) is at the forefront of professional engineering services for rapid adoption of 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing as it is called in the industry. Acrreate understands that client organisations need strong enabling service to leverage 3D Printing for its manufacturing activities. Additive Manufacturing is about improving design, enhancing performance characteristics and shrinking design/idea to manufacture lead time.

Accreate Labs offers design enabling services, end to end design enhancement to print services. Our suite of best in class software, pre-processing capabilities, wide range of print capabilities covering plastics, polymers and metal, and state of the art contemporary post processing centre makes a huge difference in producing superior outcomes for our clients.

Accreate Labs, would be one of a kind lab in the world, applying 3D printing capabilities for focussed sectors such as Aero Space & Defense and Healthcare. This lab would answer many questions of discerning engineers on the wide range of materials, the print characteristics and the nature of improvement the post processing would bring in.