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Open Positions for Subject Matter Expert at a new DBT-BIRAC funded project


Subject Matter Expert in Silk Fibroin Biomaterial synthesis and characterisation.


Accreate Labs is a recipient of a funded research engagement which involves synthesising required silk fibroin solution, bioprinting 3D scaffolds based on silk fibroin and invitro and invivo evaluation of the bio constructs. These are for maxilla facial applications. This project is led by University of Mysore, JSS Dental College & Hospital is the clinical partner, while Accreate Labs is the novel bioink synthesis, 3D bioprinting and design partner.

Job Location
Bangalore and Mysore
Open Positions
Rs. 47,000 (consolidated)
April 2021 – October 2022
Application last date
15th April, 2021

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) should be Doctoral or Masters in Biological or biomedical sciences, besides must have a good exposure to silkworm strains and silk, experience in directing technology application for bioprinting in maxilla facial application. The key areas where subject matter expertise is required, is listed below

Area of Expertise Mandatory Experience
  • Examination and analysis of silk fibroin extractions, oversee blending of novel bioink, and help in characterising the same
  • Iterate till the characteristics of the ideal blends of silk fibroin and appropriate bioinks are established
Must have worked in technology areas used in the following
  • For Silk fibroin synthesis
  • Synthesised and tested sericin and silk fibroin

Induce and establish crystalline structure in solution so as to aid bioink stability

Past project work involving inducing crystalline structure

Lead iterations for 3D bioconstruct using 3D bioprinters involving cellular material, establish SOP for bioprinting of invitro scaffolds for evaluation

  • Good knowhow of 3d bioprinting technology as applied to
  • Deep knowhow in behaviour of silk fibroin and its development

Perform tests for printability, thermal stability and other standard tests, thereby finally establishing the repeatable and consistent prints

Must have led flow analysis, sweep analysis, toxicity studies, thermal studies, structural studies

Create model for invivo defect, support clinical team in implanting the same for further analysis

Provide guidance and subject matter expertise to other team members

Next Step
Interview by a panel of members and experts
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